by Kabal




A collection of cover songs I've compiled
over the years paying homage to the
artists & music that has inspired me.


released June 24, 2017

KABAL (K.Theodoropolus)
All songs (c)Midian Music 2017


all rights reserved



Kabal Brampton, Ontario

Oldschool hardcore underground producer/rapper from Brampton Ontario Canada.

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Track Name: Spider Baby (JACK HILL)
"Spider Baby"

Smoking cones & soaked with beer foam,
teenage thugs on drugs, overthrowing your home/
my crew was, on the stairs impaired by snake bites,
you'd better beware there's a full moon tonight/

Falling down drunk so we creep and crawl,
all the boils & ghouls just having a ball/
acid & shrooms mixed with ecstasy is yummy,
& it's sure to end up in every one of our tummies/

Take some fresh peyote grind it up in our weed,
add embalming fluid & some PCP/
throw in 7 hits from a 100 blotter sheet,
mix em' up & now we're ready for the cannibal feast/

Mosh around the fire drinking scorpion brew,
a dope fiend and drunk hoe on either side of you/
a party turned cannibal orgy is strange to behold,
in the baddest story ever told/
Track Name: Rap Dirty (BLOWFLY)
This is K-BaIIz, got no class
AIways Iooking for the bitch with the fattest ass
guys & girIs, bis & queers
Gonna rap in your ear Iike a verbaI pap smear
If the world should end I wouIdn't give a shit
I`d blast off 2 mars through the tip of my dick
Gonna rap to aII u motherfuckers
About my best friend - jerry the trucker
Cummin down the road bumpin'"toad Ioads"
takin out the trash in yer area code
Checkin` out the scene on the CB
`Cause I don`t want no po-po fuckin' with me
Smokin` weed, deaIin dimes
When suddenIy red & blue lights behind
pressed ham on the gIass check out my crack
now I got a bear & a monkey on my back
riding my ass, and that aint no joke
the pork got puIIed & the pig got smoked

Rap Dirty

While I was cruisin` down the street, doin` about 80
scopin out the corner of the big pussy ladies
checkin` out thighs on this fat ass hoe
I could tell that she had a ghetto booty below
stopped in mickey d's for a bite to eat
I said, "Hey bitch, i got your white meat"
She said, "fuck you,i dont do honkeys"
onIy screw brothers cus they're hung Iike donkeys
said "i got big hands and I wear a size 11
I might be white but i've got at Ieast 7"
grabbed the bitch by the hair took her to the bathroom
She had a fine body, face like a baboon
sat her on the shitter and took off my clothes
arabian goggIes with my nuts on her nose
puIIed her thong down past her waist
dick bigger than mine staring me in the face
kicked it to the fIoor and put my foot up it's fanny
What I thought was a bitch was nothin` but a tranny

Rap Dirty

So I moved my feet and got my wings fIapping
thought to myself, "What the fuck just happened?"
bitch ruined my day and spoiled my plans
whipped out the ky and coated my hands
Thought about a ho that I used to bone
made the bitches bedrock Iike i was fred fIinstone
met her at a bar, down in georgetown
where my & my crew used 2 go 2 throwdown
I iooked around & said "what the heII?"
Motherfuckin redneck cIienteIIe
Some asshole - at the end of the bar
Said, "Hey, 911, do you know where you are"
my theme song came on, i whipped out my dong
And I said, "i'II take everyone of you motherfuckers on"
AII the cunts been tight throughout my Iife
& they aII said, "greek dick is bigger than white"
But my ass was in for a big surprise
`Cause that rednecks dick was 10 times my size
taIkin bout how he gonna pIow me Iike his cow
I said, "muthafuckin feet, don`t fail me now"

Rap Dirty

He said, "I`m gonna fuck your ass till your head turn blue
cus I hate you arabian musIim Jews"
"I'm greek you dumb fuck & you dont wanna step to
cus I`m a distant cousin to the mighty zeus"
caIIed me a fag, said I must Iike anaI
so I cornhoIed him with an open bottIe of draino
hicks pIaying pooI started breaking peopIe's seats
to make crosses on fire & now they're wearin` white sheets
the biggest one said, "Listen up IittIe man
this Iands in the hand of the Ku Klux Klan
you shouIdn't be messing around in our busines
so motherfuck zeus & Mount OIympus"
I kicked his bitch down and I started to run
EVerybody hit the ground when he puIIed out the gun
carjacked a rig, Iit a bIunt of indo
ran the mutherfuckin' truck threw the fuckin` front window
body parts fIying in the air
redneck crackers scattered everywhere
grand dragon on the ground with his asshoIe bloody
I looked him in the eyes & said... "10-4, good buddy"
Track Name: Freda (MC MITCHSKI & MB)

I was walking down the block w/ my homeboy Peter,
When I met this girl named "Fuckin' Freeda" /
this girl Fuckin' Freeda yes she's kinda dumb,
Because she opened up her legs & said "Do you want some?"/
I said "No Fuckin' Freeda, you fuck too much,
you fuck with every damn man that you can touch/
I mean Damn Freeda, don't take it as a diss,
you alwalys, smellin' smellin' smellin' smellin' smellin' like fish"/
this girl Fuckin' Freeda was lookin' fine,
She grabbed my jammy & said "Put it in my behind?"/
I said "No Fuckin' Freeda cus it ain't no thing,
I heard you put your mouth on everything"/
She done put her mouth on everything,
On big black balls & ding-a-ling/
this is true cus she got into position,
Pulled down my zipper & went truly on a mission/
to Freeda sex is a pretty bad habit,
She sees a big dick & she's just got to grab it/
But I won't fuck you if you pay me too
I won't fuck you if you pay me too
Why? She smell like doo-doo

Fuckin' Freeda, she's always in the bed,
Fuckin' Freeda, she's probably doing head/
Fuckin' Freeda, she's always in the bed,
Fuckin' Freeda, why don't you goto school instead/
(yo b check it out)
Fuckin' Freeda, she fucks too much,
She fucks with every damn man that she can touch/
I mean Damn Freeda, don't take it as a diss,
you alwalys, smellin' smellin' smellin' smellin' smellin' like fish/
Track Name: Saturday Night (SCHOOLY D)
"Saturday Night"

It was Saturday night and I'm feelin kinda sporty,
Went to a bar and caught me a 40/
Got kinda high and a...kinda drunk,
So I kicked the ass of this little punk/
Forgot my key and had to ring my bell,
My momma came dressed, she said, "Who the hell?"/
Wait momma, wait, it's me ya little son,
Before I knew it my mom pulled a gun/
"I know who you are, but who the hell is that?",
I turned around man, this bitch was fat/
I really don't know, how i got in her car,
She musta picked me up when I left the bar/
Ya know I'm horny homey man I wanted to chill,
But you know how mothers are, she wanted to ill/
So I said, "Hey baby is you on the pill?
'Cause, tonight I want to be your lover,
Just one thing: I forgot to buy a rubber"/
Wait a little while then we snuck upstairs,
Step by step pulling on her hair/
We got into my room, bitch started to scream,
Momma busted in what a fucked up scene/
Shirt ripped off, drawers down to my knees,
Wait momma, wait momma, wait, wait, please!/
Put back your gun, put down your broom,
My mom fucked up the room/
The bitch jumped up with no respect,
I had to put the big, big bitch in check/
I said, "Ya come a little closer and ya will get clocked,
I'm sober anyway, & you got a stink box/

Oh yeah, them wild Saturday Nights

It was Saturday Night and I was feelin kinda funny,
Gold around my neck, pockets full of money/
Went to the corner, man who did I see?,
But this super bad bitch lookin back at me/
I said, "Fly lady, man you got a big butt",
This Bitch turned around, all she said was, "What?"/
I said, "They call me K-Balls" smooth and coy,
Before I knew it up came my boys/
Noisy as hell and drunk as shit,
Sayin "Yo Kevy Kev what time is it?"/
Looked a little closer and I knew it was gag,
What I thought was a girl was nothin but a fag/

Oh yeah, them wild Saturday Nights

Everybody rappin but they don't know how,
Shoulda seen the boy rappin to the cow/
He rapped so hard that the cow saw smoke,
He lit up his cheeba and they both took a toke/
The cow got high and the boy got by,
Just don't come in my face and ask me why/

Cheeba Cheeba y'all
Yeah it's that cheeba cheeba makin 'em feel like that
Cheeba Cheeba y'all

Some call it Cheeba, some call it weed
It's the killer, it's the filler, it's the thing that you need

Cheeba Cheeba y'all

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Smokin a J and scratchin' the itch,
Along came a spider and sat down beside her,
And said, "Yo, what's up with that bitch?"/
But then down the road came Mary and her lambs,
Smokin' a Lacy in each and every hand/
The poor little spider, he couldn't score any,
They were 2 dollar bitches and he only had a penny/

Cheeba Cheeba y'all
Yeah Cheeba Cheeba y'all

Let me tell ya a little tale about Peter the Pimp,
Sucka MCed, tried to cop a limp/
Rode around town in a couple of cars,
Got gagged by the man tryin to stick up a bar/
The judge said, "Boy, what was on your mind?",
He said, "I had some Cheeba Cheeba, cocaine and some wine."/
The judge said, "Boy, relax and have a beer,
You won't be doin shit for the next ten years."/

Cheeba Cheeba y'all
Yeah, it's that Cheeba Cheeba
Cheeba Cheeba y'all

Some call it Cheeba, some call it weed
It's the killer, it's the filler, it's the thing that you need
Cheeba Cheeba y'all
Track Name: A Nightmare On My Street (DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE)
"A Nightmare On My Street"

Now, I have a story that I'd like to tell,
About this guy you all know him he had me scared as hell/
He comes to me at night after I crawl into bed,
He's burnt up like a weenie and his name is Fred/
He wears the same hat and sweater every single day,
And even if it's hot outside he wears it anyway/
He's home when I'm awake but he shows up when I sleep,
I can't believe that there's a nightmare on my street/

Saturday evening if I remember it right,
And we had just gotten back off tour last night/
So the gang and I thought that it would be groovy,
If we summoned up the posse and bumrushed the movies/
I got Stacey, Jerry got Gina,
Daddy-O got some ho I'd never seen in my life/
That was all right though cus the lady was chill,
Then we dipped to the theater set to ill/
buggin, cold havin a ball,
& something about Elm street was the movie we saw/
The way it started was decent you know nuthin real fancy,
About this homeboy named Freddy and this girl named Nancy/
But word when it was over I said "yo that was def",
And everything seemed all right when we left/
But when I got home and laid down to sleep,
That began the nightmare, on my street/

Burning in my room like an oven,
My bed soaked with sweat & man was I bugging/
I checked the clock and it stopped at 12:30,
It had melted it was so damn hot, & I was thirsty/
I wanted something cool, to quench my thirst,
I thought to myself "yo this heat is the worst"/
But when I got downstairs I noticed something was wrong,
I was home all alone but the tv was on/
I thought nothing of it as I grabbed the remote,
I pushed the power button and then I almost choked/
When I heard this awful voice coming from me behind,
It said "You turned off David Letterman...now you must die!!"/
Man, I ain't even wait to see who it was,
Broke outside in my drawers and screamed, "So long, cuz"/
Got halfway up the block I calmed down and stopped screaming,
Then thought, "Oh, I get it, I must be dreaming"/
I strolled back home with a grin on my grill,
I think that since this is a dream I might as well get ill/
I walked into the house, the Big Bad K-Balls,
But Freddy killed all that noise, real talk/
He grabbed me by the neck and said "Here's what we'll do,
We gotta lotta work here, me and you/
The souls of your friends you and I will claim,
You've got the body, and I've got the brain"
Track Name: She Watch Channel Zero (PUBLIC ENEMY)
"She Watch Channel Zero"

The woman makes the men all pause
And if you got a woman
She might make you forget yours
There's a 5 letter word
To describe her character
But her brains being washed by an actor
And every real man that tries to approach
Come the closer he comes
He gets dissed like a roach
I don't think I can handle
She goes channel to channel
Cold lookin' for that hero
She watch channel zero

Two, seven, five, four, eight
She watched she said
All added up to zero
And nothing in her head
She turns and turns
And she hopes the soaps
Are for real, she learns
That it ain't true, nope
But she won't survive
And rather die in a lie
Falls a fool, for some dude, on a tube
I don't think I can handle
She goes channel to channel
Cold lookin' for that hero
She watch channel zero

Trouble vision for a sister
'Cause I know she don't know, I quote
Her brains retrained
By a 24 inch remote
Revolution a solution
For all of our children
But her children
Don't mean as much as the show, I mean
Watch her worship the screen, and fiend
For a TV ad
And it just makes me mad
I don't think I can handle
She goes channel to channel
Cold lookin' for that hero
She watch channel zero
Track Name: The Wigga ya Love to Hate (ICE CUBE)
"The Wigga ya Love to Hate"

I heard payback's a motherfuckin bitch,
That's why I'm coming out wide on the right side/
You dumb chumps getting sacked & punked,
You get dumped on from the mackin-est of dunks son/
Dropping bombs that you all hate, Rape your name in my game you're too bitch to retaliate/
They wanna keep me from coming up,
locked down in the underground with sounds that I'm drumming up/
So what ya do? Ban me from your message forum, your site sucked ass its redundant & boring/
So you try to run my name through the mud now,
Attack of the bald heads when I'm rolling with my hood down/
Cus' i don't puss-out from you, him, or no man,
Fuckin up your day with the shit that I program/
When I'm rapping lets see who hate,
The net nerds, the hipsters and the cooze I choose to date/
And motherfuckers that say i act black,
You couldn't find a fact if it slapped your face jack/
I never ever played the stereo type,
But keep coming with the shit to keep your stereo in ontario hype/
Watch my back cus' they're always in attack mode,
Why more honkeys in power than black folk?/
Now because of that line I might be your cellmate,
That's from the wigga ya love to hate/

Yeah, ha-ha,
it's the wigga you love to hate!
Ay yo what up punk?
It's the wigga you love to hate!

Once again it's on, theokoles, the albino,
Kabal the bitch stealer, cops dealer/
Yo! runnin through your yayo like Snow,
All the blow your sniffing, I put my kicks in/
& dimwits be like "fuck you Cable",
Punch lines cus I'm mad at the coke on the table/
I don't ski so you're scheming for my fall off, snorting that crap might as well cut ya balls off/
Cus your shits gonna shrivel up to nothing,
And the bitches will be like "that's a cute belly button"/
I'm too cunning while you're coming off slow,
You're hate-monging while I take it to the hole/
Cutting you running up on my fast-break, like any Tom, Dick, and Hank and get that ass shanked/
It ain't about making it, by faking hits,
& selling out your race and shit/
You ask me do i like new hip hop?
About as much as no pot in my ziplock/
I don't give two shits who's up in the news,
Cus I'm stilllllll stuck in the old school/
I don't play, portray, or put on a fake act,
Ain't never packed no fucking gat/
So step up and get slapped in the face with your fate,
(Straight up)
from the wigga ya love to hate/
Track Name: R U Ready For Freddy? (FAT BOYS)
R U Ready For Freddy?"

Intro (Lil' G)
1, 2, Freddy's coming for you
3, 4, Better lock your door
5, 6, Grab the crucifix
7, 8, Better stay up late
9, 10, Never sleep again..

Fred Krueger the myth, or Freddy Krueger the man,
It doesn't matter cause I'm still rappin' bout him understand?/
So sit back Jack I'm gonna bust a rhyme,
Grab ahold of your friends, it's Krueger time!/
The place was Elm Street late one night,
Looking like a ghost town, no one in sight/
With a hat like a vagabond, standing like a flasher,
it's Mr. Big Time, Freddy Krueger, dream crasher/
Tryin' to find a girl, to fit his fancy,
Not once, not twice, but three times, Nancy/
All the people sleeping, snoozing, and dreaming,
While Krueger's on the the corner of Elm Street, scheming/
Huh! you better wake up and listen to this,
Cus the blades on Freddy Krueger's hand don't miss/
Even in part 3 the Dream Warriors fail,
And Mr. Big Time, Freddy Krueger prevails/
It was just prime time, I know you'll never forget,
What he did to the girl with the t.v. set/
But you cant stop Freddy cause he's cool as ice,
Come right back at ya to slash and slice/
Like a Ginsu blade, or a blender he'll blitz,
Fred Krueger's puttin' on ritz!

It's three A.M. and Freddy's here,
The supreme dream maker who loves to appear/
When you see night come stay away from the dark,
Watch out or Freddy will bust your heart/
It's three A.M. and Freddy's here,
The supreme dream maker who loves to appear/
When you see night come stay away from the dark,
Watch out or Freddy will bust your heart/

You see my name is Freddy, and I'm here to say,
I'll wrap you up and take you away/
And if you feel like your tired, and ready for bed,
Don't fall asleep, or you'll wake up dead/
Track Name: K is for... (SCHOOLLY D)
"K is for..."

Yeah, check it out..

Sit on back and watch K-Balls' letters,
Stupid dope, and def, and so clever/
Dropping props to "Schoolly"(D) cus it's right,
Always pay homage but I never bite/
You might of seen me on tv, with Wiggaz A.D.
& UWA counting one two three/
Dope as cain with these lines,
Putting Kevy-Kev all up in your minds/
There's never been another roll this way,
You know Kabal but now know the K.../
K is for the kicks with the bass so thick,
And K is for the way I kill with my dick/
K is for Kid Dynomite,
& K is for the way I keep it going all night/
K is for King Kong & Killer Klowns
K is for the knees that are knocking em out/
K is for Kraken kilos of Kush,
& K is for the kids never getting the push/
K is for kudos I've been given,
Step back when I'm spitting my venom/
K is the first letter in my name,
(DJ) "Code Money" used to get insane like.../

Check it out...

Never played the part on the mic slick talker,
K is for the way I keep it real for the stalkers/
K is for the Knicks killing parquet floors,
K is for kinetic energy and K is for.../
Die Kruezen with verbal illusion,
I'm a keep winning while you keep on losing/
Still getting wiser as I get older,
Forever kicking as an underground soldier/
Knowledge in words are deep like the ocean,
My devotion embody emotion/
I got the notion from poetry of ghettos,
Us free thinkers are known to be some rebels/
Hip hop ruler, barely making moolah,
Still butcher tracks like my name was Abdullah/
To my boys that are lending an ear,
Code Money put the needle in fear.../

K is for the kind I grind and get blind,
K-Balls getting busy on em' one more time/
Give it to you daily, nah no maybes,
See a mic and I go a little crazy/
Schooling, ruling, all you newbies,
Roll you up and smoke you like doobies/
Oldschool revel on my own level,
All the white crackers keep on calling me the devil/
On and on and on flowing like a stream,
Never drink 40s but I'm puffing the green/
Making rhyming look simple, pop you like a pimple,
K is for the kisses from the girlies on my dimples/
Hip hop ruler, barely making moolah,
Still butcher tracks like my name was Abdullah/
To my boys in the back, still flipping wax,
Code Money getting wicked on a scratch.../
Track Name: Only When I'm High (THE ALKAHOLIKS)
"Only When I'm High"

I get stoned and I stumble to the phone
And conjure up some dro to smoke when I'm alone
OHh shit, tow back, I roll another spliff
Only when I'm high I sing a song like this
My grandma and your grandma *cough*
Sittin by the fire
Hold on, put the blunt out [nah, keep it goin
Theo are you baked kid?] I'm just not knowin
I get high and start blazing mo' shit
And when I got a blunt in my hand you better hit it
Cause the weed just ain't what it used to be
Forget tryin to raitonalize, reden your eyes
Ah d-*cough*, damn I'm high
I need some lye, no better yet a stick of chocolate thai
When I get high I might act uncouth
But when I get high I always tell the truth
Yeah I'm blunted, I'm lifted, off dope, thats always fresh
I make all weed heads say ses ses
Kabal comin through, you know i cough a lung up
Hold up, hold up, I think I gotta...
*cough* Damn, false alarm
stonin all the ladies with my tree farm
When I get baked I might even sell my daddy some lye
Yeah, but only when I'm hi-*cough* high

It goes one for the chronic, two for the amnesia
three for the ounces that I'm keeping in the freezer
Bust the one out, two out, [flips] type of rapper
snatch the weed out your bag(gy) quicker than a car jacker
Puff a blunt for the fever when I'm chillin with the villains
Got hoes in Cloud City like I'm Billy Dee Williams
cus i smoke like, i toke like I was Salvador Dhali
lookin for the bitch that suckerpunched my main man(homey) ollie]
All up in this spliff with early misty a.k.
I smoke more than cypress, redman & dr.dre
But that's cause I'm old enough to do that type of shit
God damn the joints done so i roll another spliff
Yeah, I get high and can't nobody see me
I'm trippin, off the pcp my homey slipped in
Kickin in, guess I shouldn'ta mixed the dust in
Cause when I'm layin on my back I can feel the room spin
never too many, I reckon
Feel my heart beat pounding like 50 times a second
Wanna get up but can't move, feels like I'm stuck in the groove
What the fuck was I tryin to prove?
I get a rep for burning mad o's
All the hoes knows them BOng Squad bros
Wiggaz call me dad cus i smoked since 85'
Might fuck a fat bitch yo but only when I'm high

I get high and start thinkin bout my friends
that passed on with every ounce i burn the memory will last on
Rich Polyzotis & my man Jay P
the two homies will always live in my memories
We used to clock dro, we used to rock bowls
And drink forty-o's, and chase after hoes
Damn I wish we 3 could blaze one again
But I know one day we gonna burn in heaven
And when that day comes it's gonna be live
I don't drink and drive when i can smoke & fly
K-Balls be getting funky when i be bluntin
Just a lil sumthin, to get the brain jumpin!
Track Name: Back From The Dead (HOUSE OF PAIN)
"Back From The Dead"

I'm more fun than an open casket,
I'm the piece of Dwayne Brady in the basket/
What the fuck is this? Mad Man, I doom microphones,
Scratching my name from up off the tombstones/
Alive & kicking, back in the saddle,
Call out my name punk and I'll still battle/
I got the shit that get the Little Monsters mashing,
You be caught right in the middle of the slashing/
Stepping to me, I'm bound to catch a case,
..... you're taking two shanks to your face..../

'Cause I'm back from the dead,
Kevy Kev comin' back from the dead/
You know I'm back from the dead,
And I'll leave you with a fuckin' splatterhead/

You can't even doubt it, I'ma scream & shout it,
Back from the dead now I fuck with your head/
Eating flesh till I'm bleeding, cus I need it,
If you're having urges like a cannibal you better feed it/
& if you go repeat it, the blood will flow,
You might be psychopathic and not even know/
I'll use your insides to paint the floor & the ceiling,
I'm a deviant being, I got your girlie squealing/
For the pigs, but my plot is something cops will never dig,
I rock a grave site or house party till' it's daylight/

'Cause I'm back from the dead,
Kevin MaggotBrain back from the dead/
You know I'm back from the dead,
& now Kabal is in effect, nuff' said/

Skip the autopsy bitch I never O.D'd,
I don't sniff blow kid, I only smoke weed/
Ain't never poked a needle, but still roll illegal,
Green grass by the mass, puff & pass, no jive,
Like Vera Cosgrove, I'm Dead-Alive,
"Come to Mommy Lionel"
Winos & lowlifes, plotting & scheming,
Embellished reports of Kabal not breathing/
And if ya believe the hype, I'm really not surprised,
See me sticking these hot knives in your eyes.../

'Cause I'm back from the dead,
Kevy Metal comin' back from the dead/
You know I'm back from the dead,
And I'll stick a fucking pole through your head/

Like Jason Voorhees I'm hard to kill,
Like, John Merrick I'm marred & ill/
Beat you down with a mic stand, fighting with my right hand,
Drop you like some "zoomers" if you spread another rumour/
Ashes to ashes & dust to dust,
Say my name & spontaneously combust/
Candyman, farewell to the flesh, unjust...

'Cause I'm back from the dead,
Like Aaron Boone comin' back from the dead/
You know I'm back from the dead,
Nightbreeds in the house, nuff' said/
Track Name: My Old Man's A Fatso (ANGRY SAMOANS)
"My Old Man's A Fatso"

Locked inside my bedroom
Looking at the posters up on the wall,
I need a little elbow room
I need space man that ain't all, yeah/
Get home first thing you know
The folks jump on my case,
Get a job, take the dishes out,
Put the trash back in its place,
Someday when I'm a man
I'm gonna kick them in the face/

'Cos my old man's a fatso
He's got an ashtray for a mouth,
Baby, my old man's an asshole
But you know he own this house/

Cruising on the highway
It feels so good to see open space,
I don't feel like a prisoner
I don't feel like a basket case/
I turn the radio up to ten
And you know I've found my place,
Walk the dog, get the mower out
Cut the grass and rake the leaves,
Now that I'm a man
I'm gonna piss right in their teeth/

'Cos my old man's an asshole
He's got a shit-house for a mouth,
Baby, my old man's an asshole
But you know he owns this...
Mother fucking, white trash, piece of shit house/
Track Name: Freaky Tales (TOO $HORT)
"Freaky Tales"

These are the tales, the freaky tales,
these are the tales that I tell so well/

I knew a little lady that we called the knob, everyone in the hood took a turn, what a slob/ Said it might get tight in the muffin Said Knobby don't fret, they don't call me Spitz for nuthing/
I met this bitch, named Suzanne, she loved the way I rapped with the mic in hand/ Now Suzy was a noobie to the booty jam, popped n' dropped that pussy in the garbage can/
Rolled up on a yeasty beast shooting Yager, Pegged her as a sure shot, straight triple bagger/ 2 domes of the cock, paper sack on my slice Eyes squeezed tight, hey she turned out nice
Another fat ass ho, her name was Tara, fucked her to tears, face smeared with mascara/ Since I'm like Manson, I called her Sexy Sadie, plus it was her middle name and the bitch was twice as crazy/
Ran with a skeez that was named Louise, Loved to get her earlobes filled with knees/ Three hours later still begging for the wee Mach Threw up the legs and fucking banged her with a Reebok/
Some slut named Jenny at the bar drinking Remy, begged me to rape her so I gave it to her plenty/ Now Jenny was a dime, and real top heavy, caught her fucking my homie now she ain't worth a penny/
How about the dame by name Lorraine, Boozy fucking bruiser liked to bring the pain/ Truth told, twist getting toothy on the scrotum Like she starving, Marvin, carving poles like a totem
The next floozy, her name was Trudie
Hoovered on my tool while I was hooting on a hoolie/ Hell-a-dope booty, huge boobs, tight cooch, then I "kicked ya to the curb cus yer ass was pooched"/


Hooked up with a girlie with a plastic arm, She'd seen more cocks than a rooster farm/ Skanking no class, always down for the funking Plank on my ass before I end up spelunking/
Street trash in the club with my right hand man, introduced me to a girlie he call luanne/ lu-lu drove me home that very same night, Had the ho sucking cock stopped at every red light/
12 beers, 6 shots, 4 fucking hoolies Goggles on horn swoggling fucking ghoulies/ Julie, she truly brought the ruckus like a champ, Last call found us balling on the wheelchair ramp/
Just like this prissy, her name was Missy, Nice ripe titties and the bitch was real ditzy/ Loved sucking dick till' the tip was all jizzy, drop kicked her in the lips cus the slit tried to kiss me/
Roly poly Polly says she wants a part of me, Stephen Hawking talking with her tracheotomy/ "Beep beep red alert" freaky on the senso,r Dick up in that throat like a Pez dispenser/
Yet another girlie, her name was Stacey, little did i know she was squirrelly & crazy/ Claims she had my baby, stunt tried to play me, but I wore double rubbers dumb cunt you can't fade me/
Crazy older lady, say she down for the Mach, Bathroom breaker taking sink shots of cock/ I like to keep track of my adventures, So I fucked til she passed out and snatched her dentures/
Girl of my dreams, this queen Rochelle, Little did I know I'd have to go through hell/ She blew all my money, and blew my mind, Now I only screw honeys that are deaf, dumb & blind/

Track Name: Signifying Rapper (SCHOOLLY D)
"Signifying Rapper"

Yeah, what's up, what's goin on?
Before we start this next record
I gotta put my shades on
So I can feel cool
Remember that law
When you have to put your shades on to feel cool?
Well it's still a law, you gotta put your shades on so you can feel cool
You know what I'm sayin?
I'ma put my shades on so I can see what you ain't doin'
And you ain't doin' nothin, you ain't doin' nothin
That I don't see
Now let's get on with this shit anyway

Way, way down, in the ghetto deep
The badass pimp stepped on the signifying rapper's feet
And the rapper said, biatch! can't you see
You're standin on my motherfucking feet?
The badass pimp said, Sure I ain't heard a cocksucking word you said
You say some more, I'll be standin on your motherfucking head
Yeah that's what he said
Cause every day, when the sun go down
The badass pimp come and kick that rappers ass all over the IitIIe ghetto town
But the rapper got wise, started using his wit
And said man, I'm gettin tired of this kick-ass shit
So early, early early the very next day
The rapper said, mister pimp, mister pimp I got something to say
There's this mean, big bad faggot comin your way
He talk about you so bad, turn my hair gray
Listen, listen to what he say
Listen, Iisten to this mister badass pimp
This what the faggot said
He said, you know your daddy and he's a faggot
And your mother's a whore
He said he seen you sellin asshole door to door
Yeah that's what he said, listen to what else he said mister badass pimp
He said, your granny, she's a dyke
And your other brother, he's a faggot
And your little sister Loo
She's so low she sucked the dick of a little maggot
Yeah that's what he said
The badass pimp was mad
Jumped up in a hell of a rage
Hopped in his Caddy and loaded his 12 guage
Caught up with the faggot on 55th and Vine
Said you faggot, it's gonna be your ass or mine
The faggot looked at the pimp, and saw fear in the pimp's eyes
Said motherfucker, you better go fuck with somebody your own damn size
The pimp made his move, and thought he was fast
The faggot side-stepped him and kicked him in his ass
They fought all that night, and all the next day
That faggot kicked that pimp's ass in a hell of a way
Me myself I don't know how he survived
Came back to the projects more dead than alive
And the rapper, standin up on one of those tall ass project buildings
He said, DAMN somethin smells
He said, mister badass pimp look like you've been through hell
As I told one of my hoes before you left
I should've kicked your ass my motherfucking self
Track Name: Special Ladies (CAGE)
"Special Ladies"

[Verse 1]
I seen her walking a dog, rocking a cane and shades
Kicking bullshit at her like "I ain't these other lames"
Could of had a gun to my head she wouldn't of gave a fuck
Bitches in T.O. Give a fuck? My mouth strained
Rearranged the frame, I'm balking her with fat lies
Walked right past me like "Nah, not into black guys"
Huh? Took a double take, she got a reign on a white dog
Shaking her fucking head around ain't even carrying an iPod
I stepped to the right, she kept looking straight I thought
"this bitch is blind as fuck" and stuck my middle fingers in her face
Don't take a rocket scientist to figure out whats next
You with a bitch with no vision? Camcording some sex
Ask Sears security they ain't got shit on my surveillance
Burning DVDs and send the disc to her parents
Live web feed backing hard drives too,
I know you can't see me but all eyes is on you

At kabal.webstarts.com
Hop in the mind of madness
And get shit out on the 401
With 600 and 66 Ferraris
420 Bugattis & 5000 Audis

[Verse 2]
What's the best part of Toronto? Blend in with the criminals
Walking down Yonge street, caught tits in my peripheral
Insecure girl, pigtails tied with lace twine
Cleavage to her Adam's apple, nipples at her waist line
I got a toonie, ain't making dinner out of fries
If I can crash this bitch's pad I can feast & spread her thighs
I said "Hi" that was all it took to seal the deal,
She threw me over her shoulder & headed home but stopped for happy meals
Mouth full of nip on her table unable to bend her
After a Passover meal and it's fucking September
Drop the Ben & Jerry's I'm buried in titty weight
"Go down on me" what are you kidding I already ate
She put me in a triangle choke and cinched it in firm
Made me French kiss her giant clam and her pink pearl
"Lick it" it's like I'm missing in Hong Kong
With my fuckin Airwalks sticking out Godzilla's thong

At kabal.webstarts.com
Hop in the mind of madness
And get shit out on the 401
With 600 and 66 Ferraris
420 Bugattis & 5000 Audis

[Verse 3]
I used to talk to this chick but never got to the purpose
Cus she worked 72 hours a week in customer service
For underprivileged kids, down at Bowen & Briggs
The most I got from her was an under the table hummer after supper
Went to meet her for some rounds at the Kingdom
But ran into a Kim K look-a-like with Down's syndrome
Awwwww, I know it's a little fucked up
But I wasn't passing up stuffing muscle in that bubble butt
Look, y'all can talk all the shit y'all want
But even Kanye would run up in this cunt for a month
Her mind-states like she's on E & L indefinitely
My boys seen me with her & told me to seek help professionally
"Theo, make love to me"
Canada flag over the face, cus I do it for my country
She seizures and dies, I find a sleeping bag to hide her
I bust a nut and jet, but left the Jimmy hat inside her

At kabal.webstarts.com
Hop in the mind of madness
And get shit out on the 401
With 600 and 66 Ferraris
420 Bugattis & 5000 Audis
Track Name: Porno Freak (BLOWFLY)
"Porno Freak"

While sitting at home playing with my prick,
I decided to take in a flick/
Only dirty movies for this bone,
Like Deep Throat & The Devil in Miss Jones/
I've been called a genius, I've been called a bastard,
But I'm known around my borough as a nasty rapper/
Seka makes a man feel so damn fine,
But her mouth was too small for deez nuts of mine/
No man can resist Miss Sasha Grey,
But she ain't got enough ass to pass this way/
This dick of mine get hard as stone,
Call me Mike Longborne, muthafuck John Holmes/
Being fucked by me, leaves your pussy all calloused,
& if you don't believe it ask Debbie Does Dallas/
All of you freaks no matter where you are,
Listen as I rap about the porno stars/
(It goes...)

Well I was watching my homeboy Johnny Holmes,
Sticking all of that dick in Mrs.Jones/
Now old Johnny Wadd blew his load real fast,
When he crammed that wang in her big ole' ass/
Now they say the Devil taught her how to fuck,
& she got more pussy than you can carry in a truck/
But still that bitch she was never pleased,
When old John asked her what she needs/
(She said a...)

A porno freak, who can fuck all week,
Hard dicks I seek, I need a porno freak/

Miss Linda Lovelace from Deep Throat,
Can make a man cum with just one stroke/
She can do miracles with that tongue,
And suck your prick till' your ass get numb/
But she ain't ever had no dick like mine,
I'll ram it in her throat 'till it come out her behind/
All the dick she sucked in that movie,
Had her hearing bells ringing but her pussy wasn't groovy/
(She need a...)

A porno freak, who can fuck all week,
Hard dicks I seek, I need a porno freak/

Now when Debbie did Dallas as a cheerleader,
All the football players was just dying to eat her/
The coach of the team even tried to fuck her,
But she looked him in the eye and said "Listen here sucker"/
I need a porno freak,
Who can fuck all week/

Lemme tell ya 'bout a chick with hella-game from hell,
She goes by the name of Emmanuelle/
The bitch is so fine she put a 10 to shame,
She could fuck the devil and drive the Angels insane/
When it came to screwing she couldn't get enough,
She liked getting stuffed real hard and rough/
One look from her could set your ass on fire,
She can make you cum with just the bat of an eye/
(You know what she was?)

A porno freak, who can fuck all week,
Hard dicks I seek, I need a porno freak/

Every time I see a chick with a lot of ass,
Old K-Ballz can't help but laugh/
He do something like this, he go...
Track Name: Flashback (MINISTRY)

I'm gonna kill him
I'm gonna break his face
I'm gonna crack his skull
I'm gonna kick it all in
I'm gonna break his legs off
I'm gonna rip his head off
And then shit down his neck
And then I'll laugh like a motherfucker
And then I'll laugh like a motherfucker
'cause I hate her! X4
And then I'll fall past X4
I'm gonna flashback
Flashback! X3

'cause I hate her!

Pneumatic drill
Right through her chest
Bedroom punching
Right through the rest
I'm gonna make her suffer
I'm gonna make her suffer
And then watch her die
And then watch her die
'cause I hate her! X4
And then I'll fall past X4
I'm gonna flashback
Flashback! X3

'cause I hate her!

I'm gonna rip her flesh
I'm gonna piss in her face
I'm gonna rip her open
And then hit her with mace
I'm gonna make her suffer
I'm gonna make her suffer
I'm gonna make her cry
I'm gonna watch her die
'cause I hate her! X4
And then I'll fall past X4
I'm gonna flashback
Flashback X11

I hate her!
Laugh like a motherfucker! X2

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