North of Hell

by Kabal




This recording is dedicated to
the memory of Mikey Poloniato.

All music & vocals composed
& arranged by: KABAL
(Kevin Theodoropolus)
unless stated otherwise within
individual song information.
Mixed & mastered by: KABAL
Produced @ Necropolis Studio
for Midian Music(c) 2017-2019


released June 26, 2019

KABAL (K.Theodoropolus)


all rights reserved



Kabal Brampton, Ontario

Oldschool hardcore underground producer/rapper from Brampton Ontario Canada.

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Track Name: North of Hell (Intro)
"North of Hell"

I still drop jewels like a clumsy gemologist,
Gimme the mic fool watch me dummy & demolish shit/
Still inspect boxes like a gynecologist,
Sacrificing virgins while your hymen polishes/
Blood baths refresh my aging epidermis,
Note pads to try and find my sense of purpose/
Dedicated you can find my length of service,
And I won't stop rocking till' I hit the taxidermist/
Politicians still be lying with conviction,
While all you buyers still be frying with addiction/
Calling me "musician"? still a fairly vague description,
But still I kill it better then your very faggy mission/
I'm not "out" because my soul don't sell,
Nothing to brag about, dead cohorts won't tell/
Fire burns where you run from your warm hotel?
I'll be above the wall of fire chilling North of Hell/
Track Name: Ten Steps Back
"Ten Steps Back"

Coming forth with more lyrical baggage,
Shit sandwich packed full of anguish/
I can't comprehend why people compromise,
slight & smite & bastardize language/
Get a hand get a grip it's simplistic,
Still you can't understand linguistics/
You illiterate kids with your gibberish bids,
legitimately build the statistics/
Looking in a book it's all blurred bitch,
Cooking no hooks just slurred myths/
while I spoke vocab & poke with low jabs,
Joke raps, blown back by the wordsmith/
Hammer on the grammar of the poorest,
Cleaning out ears like an aurist
Seen you scrawling on paper, please do us all a favour,
get a dictionary & a thesaurus/

Take 1 step forward,
take 2 steps back,
Revert from tomorrow,
& rollback on the knowledge we lack/
Take 1 step forward,
take 10 steps back,
Revert from the work we built from the earth,
& throw dirt on the worth that we lack/

You gave them that good animosity,
But never understood technocracy
A probable cause, see em' bending some laws,
what you call to be flawed technology/
I see how far that we've come from,
You're still all marked with the humdrum/
Getting ripped to ribbons and chipped into smidgens
Simple feeding for the pigeons cos' you're dumb crumbs/
All on board with the sheep flock,
But can't even afford that cheap talk/
Cos' you're blowing all your ends on cellphones and trends,
And the 40 something different shelves of Reeboks/
When it comes to education you're a poor man,
I see you repping every colour of the Jordans/
Your point A to point B is your couch to your seat,
So put the peddle to the metal of your floor man/

Take 1 step forward,
take 2 steps back,
Revert from tomorrow,
& rollback on the knowledge we lack/
Take 1 step forward,
take 10 steps back,
Revert from the work we built from the earth,
& throw dirt on the worth that we lack/

This is not the best part, all I see is less heart,
Eject, hit the reset, and lets get a fresh start/
The media lately, is baiting your day see,
I'm sitting back and watching everybody going crazy/
Sharks galore in a feeding frenzy, bleeding envy,
Believing everything they're reading & depleting plenty/
We keep it steady steaming, seeking for a life & reason,
Lean to reach achievements while demoralizing & demeaning/
Ain't got no street smarts,
No book smarts, just cheap arts/
I.Q. below 10, pretend you're better than your men,
spitting venom calling other people retards/
March along to view new net facts,
Soon we'll be zooming round' in jet packs/
Reverting from tomorrow, making future into horror,
moving forward while we're taking 10 steps back/ So...

Take 1 step forward,
take 10 steps back,
Revert from the work we built from the earth,
& throw dirt on the worth that we lack/
Track Name: Dark Passenger
"Dark Passenger"

Born into darkness, born with the curses,
Born to raise hell, fuck your biblical verses/
Pissing on religion since the father at my christening,
Dipped in holy water and my skin started blistering/
Dead man's hand was dealt before the flop kid,
Family popping jokes on how I was adopted/
Let it be know to the spirits I'm a Capricorn,
The penthouse of Satan is where I was actually born/
Forged of fire, no mold required,
Forced in bible camp, so I choked the choir/
Never God fearing, & I always tore in,
Let it be known to the spirits I was born in.../
Hell, now you think I'm praising Satan see but wait a beat,
The truth of the matter is Christ for Kids failed at saving me/
A black void transforms this stark blasphemer,
Still stuck traveling with my Dark Passenger/

You can read the big book, you can have a neat look,
While you reap & crook, I won't judge...
(There's still a dark passenger)
Never know in your heart, could be thrown in an arc,
Rolling with my dark passenger...

Now the older I get the more evil I feel,
Try to get a grip but he's the one holding the steering wheel/
Cos' I've been deemed as demon since I was semen,
A heathen with reasons for screaming "FUCK GOD"/
Born in the flames, deformed & strange,
Not my physical state, & my cryptical fate/
Never needed any reason or meaning in the believing,
Convening my treason I'm seeing no God/
You could keep me at bay, but at the end of the day,
My way is the final say while you bend and you pray/
I'm never feeling any sorrow not today or tomorrow,
I'll never wallow hollow & follow "your God"/
Everybody's got secret faces, you all wear masks,
That I tear back, while I share facts/
Holy roll with your bitch & I'ma stay hard harassing her,
Riding shotgun rolling with my Dark Passenger/

You can read the big book, you can have a neat look,
While you reap & crook, I won't judge...
(There's still a dark passenger)
Never know in your heart, could be thrown in an arc,
Rolling with my dark passenger...
Track Name: Stage Four
“Stage Four”

It don't matter if dues paid, never used a ruse play,
I could still be boozing at your funeral on a Tuesday/
People with the bliss worth, robbed, were left amiss mirth,
& All the human garbage filth that's still infesting this earth/
If there's a God, I'd never give him the nod,
For the simple fact of how he acts is so damn odd/
Letting the good die young, letting the bad live on,
& leaving us all with broken hearts to mend and sing sad songs/

His heart is made of clear gold, now watch the tears unfold,
Raised his son all on his own since he was two years old/
With no wife and a smile, through the strife that was wild,
He'd even sacrifice his own life for the sake of his child/
Lost his dad in 91' which is mad mad young,
Doing anything he can to hand this planet to his son/
Never a dead beat dad, never get read heat mad,
But you feel the need to thieve and leave his Ted seed sad/

Started making new moves, never fake with his views,
Living good between the two and on the take to improve/
Screwed by his employer, after a decade in the broiler,
But he just turned the other cheek,
when he really could of seeked a lawyer/
Rolled along a bigger quest, less stress and bigger cheques,
The new employee of the year and won a trip to see the west/
Seeming blessed and brighter, definition of fighter,
His son is becoming a man and their bond keeps getting tighter/
Everything seemed to be blowing, but his innards still be prone,
Chalked it up as just another dreaded case of kidney stones/
Then felt them growing into rocks, on the phone with the docs,
Walked in with positive thoughts, and walked out totally distraught/
Hit with the stage 4, I'm wishing we'd raged more,
Thinking I'll only see your face for how many days more?/
No booze or nicotine, but he flicked the bics to the green,
and now you strip him of him seeing his seed hit sixteen?/
Track Name: I'd Rather be Broke
"I'd Rather be Broke"

I'm from back in the days and the ways of the beat breaks,
You come wack? We'd repeatedly beat your face/
& now you bitches packing mace and pepper sprays,
Vicious backstabbing with your half stepping ways/
The Big Daddy said we ain't having none of that,
You little babies get slapped then go running for your gats/
You cats are useless, acting ruthless?
Smack you with the handle till' your mandible is toothless/
Now they feed you Gerber food, further through the tube
Your girl prefer me in her fur, lewd perverted rude/
I'm coming through like a broken prophylactic,
& bending fools like I'm endorsing chiropractics/
Champ is out of practice need to blaze another challenger,
Scratching another year worth of days off of my calendar/
I'm Excalibur, you're just a dull dagger,
Octagon or Kumite I'll bust your skull's swagger/

I come from a day & an age, where you made
your name on a stage, not click bait & paying for plays/
I never tried to portray, in any shape, form, fashion or way,
Won't conform unless we're crashing the gates to raid/
Slashing these fakes in the face with a chapter,
Drowning in your blood while you're drowning in my laughter/
No Internet rapper, I never fell for entrapment,
Been doing this for decades long before the days of web traffic/
But y'all got a heads-start bought wrong,
So I drop bombs on /
A vestibule to the cesspool of the rest of you,
Rest assured this world is gonna get the best of you/
Straight disarray in a state of decay,
I'd rather hang out with Cage and play some GTA/
Fade to Fall in Hell, stalk my winding mind,
& curb stomp em' all like a Brawl in cell block 99/
Track Name: Out of my Head
“Out of my Head”

Born depraved, never tried to save face,
Totally deranged like the way you consecrating date rape/
Gates break, K’s fate you’ll never lock down,
My balls dropped down then I couldn’t put my cock down/
Around grade 3 when I found Dad’s penthouse,
Open gash was looking scary but I knew the plan & went south/
& now my mouth is a leaky faucet gotta eat,
with my cleaver in your meat chopping, rocking to the beat/

Because I’m out of touch, zoning, caustic to sane,
I’m out to lunch, roaming, lost in my brain
Daydreaming about, joining, the cult of the dead,
Because I think I’m going out of my head/

I’m like a hero in my own mind degenerate defender,
Forever never ending bender on a topless adventure/
Enter the center of myself dissect and drop this contender,
Just like the toxic avenger versus the noxious offender/
I pay it back like Omar, flay & hack you with a crowbar,
Clap you, cracking ribs through jackets asking “how ya like me so far?”/
Disarm authorities, kill and harm the poor with ease,
Armed with 3 or 4 kiddies then toss em on minorities/


Don’t need to go buy blow lines to be snow blind,
Find me lurking in the darkest corners of my own mind/
On the outside I’m cool, calm, serene,
Inside forever plotting brain’s tool cog machine/
Keeps turning with a yearning got a burning for the burden,
And for certain, lurking until they close the casket and the curtains/
like the final scene of clockwork laying up in the bed,
Peaceful smile on my face despite the war inside my head/

Track Name: Sodium Chloride
“Sodium Chloride”

All you “Lil”s popping pills no doubt,
For real you can’t cop a deal with no clout/
Thinkin' you’ll make a mill off of SoundCloud,
Prescriptions leave you twitching on the ground now
Thirst got you striving for the fame game
But first you gotta drive in that pain lane
Cos’ some lame dame, made it rain cocaine
Now you cooking anything in site to lay n’ poke veins
Instagram your hands in hard products
But you can’t even handle narcotics
Abuse med kits over loose spread chicks
& now your name is known world wide but you’re fucking dead bitch
(& that’s what you get for)

Seeking more now you’re sleeping in a morgue
Seeking creeping freaky whores that leads to tweaking leaky pores
Seeking notoriety that leads to lying up in mortuaries
Momentary glory while your corpse is buried...

Symbolic elemental cleaning negativity
Cephalic incremental dreaming mega crippling
The dripping drizzle shits you’d better gets Imodium
Snicklefritz your figments n’ I hits you with the sodium

I’m shaking salt, on all your salty ness
I got the salt, because you salty bitch
I’m shaking salt, on all your salty ness
I got the salt, for all you salty kids
I’m talking salt (who me? )yeah you looking salty Miss
I shake that salt, all up on your salty ness
I season salt, on all you salty pigs,
I got that salt, for all the salty kids, you salty bitch

I got that sodium chloride
I’m low key slowly closing your joyride
While you’re trying to buy wholeness, No spine boneless,
& if the camera steals your soul then all you mutherfucks are soulless
Wannabe administrates
But you can’t lead the way when you assimilate
So all the SJ Dubbs, and the hipsters and the thugs
& feminists in clusterfucks of congregations turned incinerations
& Desecration and the degradation of a nation
When Demonstrations lead to confiscating information
Persecution for opinion subjugate berate
Exterminating history and duplicate mistakes negated


Track Name: I Never...
“I Never...”

I never piss where I sleep, try not to shit where I eat,
I’m never missing a beat, I gotta rip with clarity/
Ain’t never faking the funk, because I’m clever with junk,
Forever making the jump, just like a letterman dunk/
I’m never loss for words, I’m like the boss of herbs,
I Gladly crossed in burbs that had me tossing nerds/
Never jacked or hot wired, but I’ve slashed some car tires,
Bashed straits that were dire, flash ignited harsh fires/
Never packed no piece, I never needed flattery,
But sure as hell concealed a blade or 3 and D cell batteries/
I was never no sheep, no little bow peep,
Dive off a stage I leap & go middle row deep/
Never shook jack, my leather jacket pulled at,
Never had to look back, protector of the wolf pack/
Never been K.O.’d so take note,
Before you’re staring in my eyes with my weight on your throat/
(& your heart beat goes...)

I never smoked any crack, I never poked any smack,
But broken bones with a bat & still I joke about that/
Was never trapped in a cage, but I’ve rapped on the stage,
In a blasphemous place as I laugh in your face/
Never ran with you phonies, I landed true homies,
That’s why Mike C’s funeral was standing room only/
I never forget, and plus I never regret,
Light another cigarette and take a step to my death/
Never a dead beat dad, but I spread seeds I had,
& If I get red heat mad your head’ll seep like sap/
I’ve never lapped & begged, but I’ve tapped some kegs,
And I can snap your legs, like I was cracking eggs/
I never shot for the stars, I never bothered with cars,
Broken bottles at bars that left you covered in scars/
Never run straight home, but make the bud straight glow,
& if you step inside my dome I make the blood stains flow/
(& your heart beat goes...)

Never dime dropped to cops, but fought for a lost cause,
I might of dropped some blots, and now my thoughts are just paused.../
Never lacked hindsight, I know my black skin is white,
I never black stereotyped because I’m black inside/
I got the Blackness in my birth right, black before month 9,
Go back to Ancient Greece and see that black be in my bloodline/
Never loosing roots, never loosen the noose,
Always choosing to shoot, while others snooze on the truths/
Never buy into the system, lying with their schisms,
You driving leftism while I’m flying with the wisdom/
Never speak before I think, bleakly pour a drink,
Beep your horn and wink at corner whores adorned in mink/
Never stay in the box, always blazing the crops,
Forever full misanthrope who always push the envelope/
Never not dope, you meet the face of disaster,
Seal the deal & feel your heartbeat race faster/
Track Name: Journey to the lost land of Doo-Doo Isle
“Journey to the lost land of Doo-Doo Isle”

Well I was cold chilling dropping true facts
When I awoke in a land popping ‘doo doo’ raps
I was cooling with my homies smoking ‘on that dust’
Ralph Kramden pulled up in a ‘magic bus’
With Laurel & Hardy, they’re ready to party
& Mr.Peabody was barking malarkey
Eating acid like smarties, slaying Bacardi
Hit a pink corvette and wrecked this bitch named Barbie
Faded Ken too so I rolled five hoolies
Puffing with the critters and the gremlins and the ghoulies
Hit Cheers fast, to drop off 'Norm'
Bitches ditching class to hop on board
Cobra Commander & the Cobra Kai playin’
& now Daniel-San standing like a crane ’kick it!’
Quaid & Kuato got that' blow'
Mr.Roboto is saying Domo Arigato
Fritz the cat meowing twisting up pot
‘We rode for 6 hours then we hit the spot’
Watched Toxie pour shots & dropped 6 more blots
Wore a Michael Myers mask and clocked Dick Warlock
The Keystone cops lost the Cookie crook & crew
They turned to me and said ‘and who the fuck are you?’
I’m Theokoles and Eurynomos
Bruce Lee On L.S.D., see fists of fury in slow mo

Well, King Kong Brody stomping some geek
Bugs Bunny shot Daffy in his goddamn beak
I was smoking with Shaggy & Scooby-Doo
I stole their whole baggy and doobies too
Ruby Tuesday huffed tubes of glue
& now she’s twisting on my pubes like a Rubik’s cube
Q-Bert threw a party, it’s invite only
Grabbed a shovel and started digging up the dead homies...

Rolled with Jay Poole, Polyzotis & Wroblewski
Mike C Got the weed, Poloniato brought the brewskis
Cosby roofied Dan Marino
Up pulls Donnie Darko in a Gran Torino
with Frank the rabbit, cocaine habit sniffing
off of Wonder Woman’s ass grinding in his lap stripping
Real chill party champagne in the air dripping
“Yeah Till’ Marvin Gaye came in there tripping”
Skywalker & Chewbacca bust at Biggie & Pac
Kirk & Spock shocked Ziggy Stardust & Iggy Pop
This party was cursed, ‘I did the smurf’
Went to dip out the back and peeped a long black hearse
It’s was Harold n Kumar & David Hof to the Hassell
hopped in and got a lift ‘from here to White Castle’
Michael Jackson & Jordon seeking sliders with Bison
& Fresh Prince was like “I think I can beat Mike Tyson” when...

I'm knocking suckers out and that’s the the way it be
Rope-a-doping, jabbing, upper cutting
Throwing big hooks dirty boxing head butting
Blood flowing "on and on and on
like the hot butter on say what? the popcorn’
Deebo stepped & he popped him
the piggies busted in and they all couldn’t stop him
Chase me through the place, had the heater near my waist
So I...‘shot homeboy in that fucking face’
Track Name: Momma

I formed inside of you, one cell made two,
Two cells made 4, so on and so forth/
Breeding got me in her, now I'm feeding off her dinner,
My quarters getting slimmer as I fiend to be delivered/
Made for seven two, holding out for seven three,
Naming me Michelle? I'm rolling out as Kevin T./
Time is up, stuck in a womb with no view,
9 months up, & I must bid you adieu/
Twin brother is all blue, son's fetus is curled,
Because there's only room for one of me in this world/
Heaven sent? I'm for you with absurd rent,
My first best friend before I knew what the words meant/
Souls met from the moment of inception,
Don't fret Mom, bestowment giving blessed son/
Shining rays, never keep you at bay,
In the meantime hail what you're giving me today/
Still I scream, cry, wail, when I'm not getting my

Chilling at the crib with you and listening to music,
Sitting in the living room and glistening so lucid/
My early memories of you I'll never lose em',
My own worst enemy is me, grow to abuse him/
So cute I make your eyes swell like I was tear gas,
But soon I'll make your life hell as every year pass/
Get so consumed in myself and selfish needs fast,
Innocence passed, as I crash into relapse/
Fading into black, wrist, glass and I cut, slash,
Feeling held back and repressed from my guts' tasks/
Taken back, ditching school and I cut class,
Looking back, wishing I never grew up fast/
Popped at a store, now the cops at the door,
Dropped the gavel, staring at the floor with Pops at the court/
Don't cry Ma curfew law ain't bad as it seems,
Try to clean my act up but still I make you wanna

Back when I was young we used to hug and hold hands,
You always had my back and everything was so grand/
But you never could keep a secret from the old man,
So every time I slipped up my hide was beaten, swollen, tanned/
I understand it made me stronger but I didn't back then,
You ponder how much longer till' I'm acting up again/
Shackled up again, shedding tears & you lack sleep,
The fact of the matter is I'll forever be the black sheep/
Of the family that I shamed though you never did me dirty,
I needed to escape and moved away so prematurely/
Barely touched base and rarely called until my thirties,
Having a mid life crisis on the phone 10 years too early/
You we're listening but not giving advice & barely speaking,
Leaving me to figure out the answers I was seeking/
Searching for my soul deep believing & achieving,
You've always been my Angel and I'll always be your little demon...

Love you momma, forever and ever...
Track Name: Status Frantic
“Status Frantic”

Since the days of 86' I was paying my dues,
In 2K19, kids are only buying fly shoes/
You never knew about the hard times we went through,
As you gingerly hit the enter key & your bullshit is sent through/
What you know about being home alone,
every day since you was 8 years old with only one phone/
Moms on the line, so you gotta hike a few miles,
Unless you was lucky enough to have a bike to ride the two miles/
To your best friends and rat-a-tat on the door,
But his Dad sent him out to get some cigarettes from the store/
Trek around town, trying to track your friends down,
Just to mess around town, until the sun goes down/
No helmets no pads, home made first aid,
Return my neighbours empty pop bottles & hit the arcade/
Fathers smoking in their cars, while the mothers spank kids,
& if you don't believe me then muthafuckin' ask Tank Diggs/

(Chorus [Tank Diggs])
Those be coming around are fucking around not ready for action,
this ain't no P.S.A. not asking for participation/
Your stunned reaction, smile of satisfaction,
now we can break this down right to the minuscule fractions/
You ain't got the talent, the lyrics, the spit,
you ain't got the drive, the passion, the shit/
You're stranded abandoned left you right where you are standing,
i came and crash landed left my mark and left you branded/
A tank diggs fanatic, still no need to panic,
Kabal got you swinging off the walls status frantic/

(V2.[Tank Diggs])
Father forgive em' for they know not what they do,
i'm sorry father you'll hafta forgive me too/
I said im going in not coming out until I win, the ice you're standing in,
I can see it wearing thin, sound clash like bedouin/
Where do I begin to notify your next of kin?,
the times ticking I'm counting down the hours/
Funeral arrangements whole lot of flowers,
douse you in gas and then start setting fires/
I aspire to acquire everything that life requires,
no pacifiers just microphones and amplifiers/
Speaking of amps, I bet you never even plugged in,
Whatchu know bout' vinyl digging through the bargain bin?/
Strong arming anything, trying to be a rhythm king,
Tape deck recorder looping beats and let the record spin/
4 track loaded, put the demo out covert,
Now the youth think D.I.Y. is some new kind of yogurt/
Rape the digital age, while making minimum wage,
The only show you kids rock are on a digital stage/

(Chorus [Kabal/Tank Diggs])
You'll never know about the road, or the fan interaction,
this ain't no P.S.A. not asking for participation/
Just hacking up the stickers with the scissors then I stack 'em,
now we can break this down right to the minuscule fractions/
Ever dubbed tapes for days & made inserts to fit?
you ain't got the drive, the passion, the shit/
Backstabbing with handles in chat rooms like phantoms,
i came and crash landed left my mark and left you branded/
Tank Diggs & Big Moves, & the moves is gigantic,
Kabal got you swinging off the walls status frantic/

(V3.[Mach Spitz]
Put down yer Sudafed eat all your veggies
I’m a fucking boot a head stepping like a Reggie
We the North but we’re not nice Canucklers
Learn early we’re surly turnbucklers
The 5-1-niners once kings of Dufferin
Out-of-liners leaving whiners needing bufferin
We snuffle up a Gust, you shuffle off to sleep
You snuggle up to us we snuff you while you sleep
We raking eyes taking all sorts of liberties
Foreign object check cry me a river please
We the biters with the cannibal feel
Uncontrollable, like George the animal Steele
Forever munchin fools be our luncheon
Tools catch a crunchin noobs know we punchin
Straight cheating from the flip like a belichek
DDTing everybody break a fellas neck
Lowdown dastardly dirty double dealers
Bottom of the deck dudes dosing at the peelers
Got em by the neck shoot first askin never
Mad dad Bad asses fast masked and clever
Boos for the villainous these three the chillinest
Got you praying yo god these fools are killing us
Better hope the ref sees like an eagle
Never rope holding no tags are legal

(Chorus [Kabal/Mach Spitz])
It’s “El Rudo day” attacking luchadores, unmasking,
this ain't no P.S.A. not asking for participation/
My torture rack back breaker leaving fools in traction,
now we can break this down right to the minuscule fractions/
My suicide dive, come crashing, legit,
you ain't got the drive, the passion, the shit/
I’m caning like Sandman, Singapore to heads two handed
i came and crash landed left my mark and left you branded/
Mach Spitz, Tank & Moves, just like Andre, gigantic,
Kabal got you swinging off the walls status frantic/
Track Name: She Don't
“She Don’t”

I once heard that love conquers all...,
But its absurd the herd abundance of words
my love could conjure fall.../
On deaf ears, reminiscing: a bucket of tears,
Blowing nose in bus tickets I was buying 5 fucking years/
Sniffle, blubber, vent, my eyes is black, and I’m blue,
Sniffing rubber cement like I was back in high school/
When you was my girl I didn’t have a care bout the world,
I could laze & gaze in bed for days and flail your hair around in curls/
You gave me hope, I should of seized with excellence,
All I gave: my mind & soul & carcass, weed, disease and pestilence/
Flaunting me your bod, a ruse, could lose your lush form,
Still I’d wanna be your dog but you’d just use me for crush porn/
Never truly know my seed kid, though we’re Son & Father,
Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter!
Got other new bitches who want to suck me to the end of days,
Truth is they just wanna fuck because I’m friends with Cage/

She don’t want me no more, no she don’t
She don’t need me no more, no she don’t
She don’t love me no more, no she don’t
So she leave me so poor (au revoir)

I heard absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But when you’re absent your fake heart ho go n’ wander.../
When I needed you the most you froze, deserted me and left,
If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best/
I Could tear my heart out my own chest but frankly it’s hopeless,
You’d just hide it under the blankets in that box in your hope chest/
If you love something set it free,
Once again I wonder if someone is waiting for me playing “let it be”/
But in my hour of darkness she wasn’t standing right in front of me,
Although the night is cloudy there is still a light that shine on me/
You dumped me on assumptions, took my jokes personal,
You didn’t try your best no words you spoke impeccable/
No explanation why it’s over didn’t aid my mental health,
No decency to give me closure so I just gave it to myself/
Puff embalming fluid dips to make the blunts taste iller,
While all my exes start a group called the cunt faced killers/

She don’t want me no more, no she don’t
She don’t need me no more, no she don’t
She don’t love me no more, no she don’t
So she leaves me so poor (au revoir)
Track Name: Fades em' all (cover)
“Fades em” All”

See I done fucked up another one, wack homage,
Taken forgotten MCs and bring em’ back like Rich/
(So bitch) ya duck down, I be the one known to buck rhymes,
The heckler in the crowd spoiling yelling over punch lines/
(The Bastard), but you call me Kabal the G,
and it'll be a long game before you take the ball from me/
Getting higher than the clouds with my system juicing loud
Tripping blots and Microdots since the days of juvenile/
Always wild, catch me runnin’ up in,
your spot with enough sacks for you and 40 friends/
Some killer ass weed, for those who smoke,
and have you eating 20 burgers after takin one toke/
It’s all jokes, stress free, cos’ I just do this all for me,
Not like I’m sweating calls from A&Rs of record companies/
My status, is blackness, in the basement of badness,
& recite another passage from my diary of madness/

Now who the fuck
want to see Kabal?
I fades em all...
“I drop lyrics off and on
like a light switch”

I move mad heads when breaking necks is the concept,
Bring the wrong text your dome is swollen convexed/
For those that don’t know how I snatch these grands,
& if you’re throwing low blows then you can catch these hands/
I'm 6 feet and something inches, mind your business,
My swiftest physics filling clinics, you winding up in stitches/
I be the illest, the realest, feeling up the shorties,
Never thought I’d still be rhyming, smoking blunts up in my 40's/
I'm torching up your frames with the flames of information,
Making sand castles with your ashes after the cremation/
I rep the east where the beast was born, blast beats,
Play drums on craniums, your sorry ass deceased/
With my two bare hands I never rome with no chrome,
I'm representing the streets cos’ I ain’t got no home/
I drop the illest format to make your brain go splat,
Don’t even need a noose to choke you cos’ your chains so fat/
(That’s where I’m at)

Now who the fuck
want to see Kabal?
I fades em all...
“I drop lyrics off and on
like a light switch”
Now who the fuck
want to see Kabal?
I fades em all...
“Now I got a glock
making muthafuckas duck”
Track Name: Lone Wolf Pack
“Lone Wolf Pack”

I was a black sheep before the days of acne
Acting up resulted with the back of a hand
greeting my face to smack me/
My reaction be gun em’ down & bulldoze
Ain’t even trying to be a sheep
you see me running round in wolfs’ clothes/
Rolled ya for your bmx bike you knew I would
and left them all a little red while riding through the hood/
Alienate myself from family and society
Aiming straight for wealth but damned with notoriety/
Never tried to live that puppet on a string enslavement
Rarely made a dime but love to sing and entertain em’/
But never wanted a Star’s life, I’m scarred, dark
Forever walking the dark knife to carve marks/
On a fallen kingdom land in an abandoned throne
Chose my homies over fam & now I stand alone/
They all move on then depression gives spawn
Now our sons are new dawn but will our legend live on?

Who’s gonna keep you alive, when your legend dies?
Even if you’re just a legend in your own mind?
Who’ll amplify your lies, when your legend dies?
& keep your name alive until the end of mankind?

Like minded psychopaths,signing blood pacts
Club crashing bar brawls into blood baths/
We had a Wolfpack, we had em’ shook Jack
Rolling 20-30 deep along a foot path/
You had my back, I had yours no doubt,
But now I’m looking over my shoulders every time I go out/
They say bloods thicker than water
While we take the fall for fake friends n’ disgrace our own fathers/
Undying loyalty, our friends are family
More than our families & then the tragedies/
The unshackling, from cracking to bust
While we always swore that “THAT would never happen to us”/
Yo! A few grew up, a few more losing touch,
The crew blew up, a few more moving trucks/
More miles between y’alls, dying very slow doom
Now you’re just a lone wolf crying every full moon/


You might find some lying take time cousin,
To have a real rap instead of fake rhyme bussin’/
Keep your mind open, keep our ears open,
We could find our own near and dear in tears broken/
Media I'm seeing your divisional swerving
Burnt to little, brittle pieces in our digital version/
Diversions turning Wolf pack’s to solo cliques
Remember when we never EVER spoke religion or politics?/
Or swallowed follow for follow shit?
It’s really no surprise how many wallow in hollowness/
I've had a booth in that waiting room same view,
Friends called it quits same too I can name two/
Nobody reached out, Nobody preached doubt,
Nobody leading the team & now I wanna fuckin' scream, shout/
Always defend you, spread truth, & I'll treasure you
& I really hope that you’ll remember me like I’ll remember you.../

(HOOK x2)

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