Horrorcore Bouillabaisse

by Kabal



This recording was inspired by two of my longest running love affairs, Horror movies & The Beastie Boys. The Horrorcore aspect revolves around the music in the form of movie samples & lyrical refferences. The Bouillabaisse aspect revolves around The Beastie's "B-Boy Bouillabaisse" which was a 12 and a half minute long song that consisted of "Sections" which were smaller songs within the song.
I have decided to share this burnt offering online, enjoy!!!



released October 31, 2009

All music recorded, sampled, arranged, mixed & mastered by KABAL (K.Theodoropolus)
All lyrics written by KABAL (K.Theodoropolus)
Recorded at Necropolis Studios (c) Midian Music 2009/2010

Cover art by: Kotsi
Inside cover art by: Joe Coleman
Back cover art adapted from Splattered Cadaver's "Human Stew" CD
CD tray art from "The Dead Next Door" DVD
CD label art adapted from the film "Nightbreed"

Some songs may contain samples from the films "NEKRomantik" &
"NEKRomantik 2" If you have any necrophelia allergies please
refrain from listening to these recordings.



all rights reserved


Kabal Brampton, Ontario

Oldschool hardcore underground producer/rapper from Brampton Ontario Canada.

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Track Name: Section 03 - Meat For The Beast / Section 04 - Silver Shamrock
I'm back with the hardcore for all the wack sophmore
Geeky-nerdy-pussies named Melvin who fucking mop floors/

Shots of horror in the slop buckets crop dusting
Turn your town into The Crazies and get the cops busting/

I'm on some Nightbreed shit that means you might bleed kid
It's not Kabal from Mortal Kombat but I'll still fight bitch/

You stick your teeth & nose in with your Lost Boys kin
At Near Dark there's Innocent Blood on your soft moist skin/

Brain Damage whore got no heart anymore
Supernatural fags ain't got shit on Harry D'Amour/

Basket Case like Belial Duane Brady awaits trial
I'm dining at the Blood Diner with the gravy faced smile/

The Hills"still Have Eyes & Decker's telling mad lies
Working on the Graveyard Shift your giant bat & rats die/

Avenging like my man Tox Barbequed hamhocks
Here's a message from my only sponsor Silver Shamrock/

Happy happy halloween, halloween, halloween
Happy happy halloween, Silver Shamrock X2
Track Name: Section 05 - Death Dealer
I'm dealing death with a mask on like Mikey getting his slash on
Your lucky flasks done when the Street Trash come/

Psycho like Bates serve your face on a plate
Letting Demons"out The Gate"Stuff you with Fluffy in The Crate/

Now the Creepshow is my personal peepshow
Pickled Punks at the Freakshow my teeth glow/

I'm not Doctor Giggles but I make molars wiggle
You start to jiggle & the blood spatter squiggles/

I splatter heads & the brain matter's red
Pitch Black your batter's dead ??? whatever Chatterer said/

Criminally Insane I'm Mondo like Cane
Wash your fluids down the drain they call me Kevin Maggot-Brain/

My shitters full of Ghoulies Murder Boxes with the Toolies
Nightstalker burning hoolies kill your pigeons if they're stoolies/

Draining you of blood your life is draining in the hud
Raining while your under mud hanging with the Bugs & C.H.U.D.s/

Texas Chainsaw Massacre"death when blade on ass occurs
Slumber Party Massacre for dumb & tarty nasty girls/

I'm like the Driller Killer trigger finger, innard-spiller
Thriller chiller with the Black & Decker gizzard griller/

Doctor like Satan experimental operating
Dissection of the patient create mutations/

Freddy in your dream Predator that's unseen
The Bill Duke"of the team spitting hot 16s/

The One man Army of Darkness I'm the carnie
at the Funhouse stars seen then I got a jarred spleen/

I'm in The Fog and I consume like The Blob
I'll feed you to the hogs once your lynched by the mob/

Maniac Cop I Drink Your Blood drops
The Terror Train stops hanger head Chop-Top/

You flopped & fell into Motel Hell
But you'll never live to tell you're beef jerky they sell/
Track Name: Section 06 - Killer Klowns
Killer klowns and they're coming to your town
Holy grounds now soiled & foul/

Round jowls & a tough guy scowl
on the prowl for a victim to crown/

Went from young & proud to young & dumb with a frown
Walking around in his waistband the guns down/

Shooting rounds smoking fools to the ground
Drug scenes found now their bouncing pounds/

Notes are brown moving coke uptown
Rather die than back down but you need to put the crack down/

Put the gat down turn your crooked hat round'
Too bad your dad never layed you the smackdown/

You ain't black clown you can cut the act now
You'll prolly be found drowned with hands & feet bound/

Our clean streets now violently renowned
Whatever happened to our peaceful town?/

Nowadays it seems to be the norm
To get robbed and beaten at gunpoint by a swarm/

Of stupid wannabee gangsters that won't conform
You wanna fight a war? go & join the marine corps/

You ain't hardcore not even a sophmore
Dropped your shit on the floor, shot a kid through the door/

Your doing 20 or more in general pop. you're the whore
oral sex is performed while your asshole is torn/

You meet the Wizard Of Gore & wish you'd never been born
you'll hang yourself with a cord around 4 in the morn'/

Your found dead in a dorm & now we've settled the score
But for every one there'll be fourty more/

Instead of popping gats you kids should of popped popcorn
ate some cotton candy, drank beer & watched porn/

Killer Klownz but the not the kind from outerspace
The kind that leave you on the ground with the gun powdered face/
Track Name: Section 07 - Rhyme Don't Pay
It's the Return Of The Living Dead I'll turn & spin your head
just like The Exorcist possessing all the pessimists/

Specialists of mine would know I rocked that line
another time in Evil Dreamz when Don Stefano came to life/

But this ain't karate it's more like ka-razy
The way I rhyme, no one will ever slay me/

And I ain't lyin' rhymes don't pay me
My life needs direction so I'm calling Scorsese/

But I'm not a mobster I'm more like a monster
My moms won't admit it but my twin still haunts her/

Killed the doctor & dug up the casket
Gave him CPR & now I keep him in a Basket/

My State is Altered my Demons took your daughter
She gave me Rawhead like Rex and then I pissed on the altar/

To all the hating net nerds
who say I got no flow I fucking kill em' with words/


It's like the 80's again when I put on my shades
And normal everyday people have an alien face/

But this isn't They Live or some Tales From The Crypt
Give my shit away for free so i'm jacked & I'm ripped/

With a chainsaw hand like Ash it's very groovy
call you from your House & ask you what's your favorite Scary Movie?

You shit your drawers like you was in the Diaper Mafia
I'm thinly choppin' ya to xerox copy ya/

& All you clones are so drone with your gats
Turned gangster overnight When you heard your first rap/

Back in 2004 now you think you're hardcore
with your shitty little demo on consignment at the store/

You're on sale I seen your cd at Bi-Way for dirt cheap
an epic fail like the remake of Friday The 13th/

The shoe don't fit loser
Like Jackie Earle Haley trying to fill Freddy Kreuger's/
Track Name: Section 08 - Grindhouse
You sit in shorts that are yellow & brown (You know)
I'm Vulgar like the clown and from The Town That Dreaded Sundown/

You don't know my name only know that I'm sickening
with devices in the attic for selected new victims/

A ruffies drop got you impaired
I tied you to a chair because I don't care/

It's time to get sick I bust a little chuckle
The hammer goes smack on your fingers & your knuckles/

Were gonna play a game the Jigsaw already thought of
You can die in here today handcuffed or you can Saw it off/

Call in the soldiers I'm going out the hardway
I'll keep taking lives I don't care what they say/

My stereo's loud so you don't disturb the neighbours
While I enjoy your screams & your flavours/

Cus I am the holder of your life like I was cancer
If you open the Book Of The Dead you'll get your hand slashed/

I am the keeper of your life like I was cancer
You can ask me questions but you won't find the answers/

Your breasts, my saw, your screams, no breath
D - E, A - T, H - YOUR DEATH!!!/

I keep it low profile I'm a hermit
Then I got busted for a fuckin' parking permit/(You know why)

He searched the trunk & found fifty bags of limbs
And I got caught by a stinking fat pig/

I fly right out on bail cus my lawyer's fly
Went and killed the cop who booked me.....Just to watch him die/
Track Name: Section 10 - Red Run
I Let the blood run reddy-red, Until you're good & plenty dead
Scalpin' suckers like I'm Old Cheif Wooden Head/

Or Maniac with Joe Zito, making human burritos
Call me Chester The Molester with a bag of Cheeto's/

This is Night Of The Demons that got you Screamin'
And I Still Know What You Did Last Summer you was killin' seamen/

And now your throats rusted, loads got your clothes crusted
Trapped my spirit in your bitch's box and now she's Ghostbusted/

Straight outta Fright Night, I Graduated Hell Night
Flatulence like The Excremental cus it felt right/

I wake n' bake at Dawn Of The Dead with Shaun & Ed
We're killing Zombie hordes with a bong through the fucking head/

The Dead Next Door Your head & neck on the floor
Chopping Mall cus you was shopping at The Redneck Store/

Gore Gore Girls at my Blood Orgy cus I Splurge for gory
Catch me selling drugs at the corner of Hell & Purgatory/


The Lord Of Illusions call me Nix, don't goto movies though,
But I'm making human horror flicks/

And there's no benefits for this role, just death,
dismemberment then buried in a hole/

You wanna get ugly that's fine, But now you're
looking like Pumpkinhead let's draw the line/

Smash your face in 1000 times, a Changelling
Like Lon Chaney Don't play me/

13 Ghosts 13 Dead Men And there
ain't no fucking tribe of whimpy ass Redmen/

I'm like Jason" with an axe, The Final Chapter
is at it's climax but I'ma keep coming back/

Your head goes pop like we're in Scanners for real
We need more sequels like we need more Species to kill/

No joke, Mother Nature's gotta brand new bag, And trust me...